Property Management Company in Cottonwood Heights

Lots of people become residential property owners, as it can be a very strong investment throughout the entire year. Rental checks provide a steady revenue stream that can be used for a number of different purposes. But you also have many essential tasks that you must complete, like maintenance and repairs, paying bills, and evicting tenants who don’t pay. Keeping up with all of these things can make anyone’s head spin, especially if you are renting multiple properties.

Instead of trying your best to keep your head above water, you can have these jobs done for you by contacting M&M Properties SLC. To help property owners with strengthening this investment, our Cottonwood Heights residential property management company has many stress-reducing services that help with several aspects of renting and managing your property. These services include:

  • Renters Guaranteed with 1/3 Additional Deposit up to $1000 as Damage Warranty*
  • Rental Property Comparison
  • Evictions Conducted by a Licensed Attorney at No Additional Cost to You*
  • Emergency Management Response
  • No Repair Mark-Up
  • Monthly Inspection of Exterior
  • No Re-Lease Fees For Existing Renters

*Subject to limitations and restrictions

Cottonwood Heights Property Managers

At M&M Properties SLC, we have a team of skilled Cottonwood Heights residential property managers who make the property ownership process as easy as it can be. No matter what is happening with your property, they will always keep the property owner’s best interests in mind. We are able to provide our unmatched level of service to all types of residential properties.

Find out more about our residential property management company by contacting M&M Properties SLC today. We can find the route that will meet all your needs through a free consultation with one of our property managers. With this one simple phone call, you’ll be taking a step that will greatly influence every aspect of property ownership.