Property Management Company In Millcreek

A Millcreek property management company serves the purpose of managing your property with a number of different services that will keep your home profitable and in good condition. If you have made the decision to rent your home, you might think that you can handle all the property management services on your own. Certainly, there are aspects of property management that you can handle, but there are two questions that you should ask yourself. First, do you really want to add these responsibilities to everything else you already have on your plate with work, school, family, and other commitments? Second, wouldn’t you like to get the most from your property management instead of just doing the bare minimum? M&M Properties SLC provides the solutions to both of the questions with our high-quality Millcreek property management services.

Our property managers take the hassle away from renting a home by managing all the details, large and small, involved with this process. We will locate responsible tenants, screen them, help them get moved in, and collect rent from them on a monthly basis. M&M Properties SLC will also monitor your property, perform regular inspections, and schedule required maintenance services. There are also a number of other property management services that you can receive in Millcreek that will help you get the most from renting your property.

Millcreek Property Managers

Want to learn more about our Millcreek residential property managers? Call M&M Properties SLC and we would be happy to help you. We’ll provide you with a free consultation with a property manager to find out which services you need. With this one simple call, you will be taking a step that will greatly influence every aspect of property ownership. Listed below are a few of our featured services that you can receive from working with us:

  • Renters Guaranteed with 1/3 Additional Deposit up to $1000 as Damage Warranty*
  • Rental Promotion
  • All Office Services, Documents & Paperwork Included
  • Renter Welcome Packet with Property-Specific Information
  • On-Call Maintenance Service and Emergency Response
  • Monthly Visual Inspection of Exterior
  • No Management Charges until Signed Lease

*Subject to limitations and restrictions

Please contact us today to learn more about professional property management in Millcreek and other places throughout Utah.